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The Bacon County School System administers a balanced assessment program with a combination of standardized tests (state and local) and classroom assessments. The district uses assessment to monitor student performance, plan for appropriate instruction, and assist in identifying strengths and weaknesses in order to establish priorities in planning educational programs.


Classroom assessments are correlated to standards and provide teachers an ongoing measurement of student progress. Classroom assessments may include, but are not limited to, student portfolios, performance assessments, observations, interim tests, and writing samples.

Standardized assessments on the state level include the Georgia Milestones, ACCESS for ELLs 2.0, GAA 2.0, and GKIDS. Bacon County also uses other standardized test throughout the year. These include Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), Dibels, AimsWeb, GCA Asslets, and Benchmarks (Pre/Mid/Post Test).


Some students in high school also take PSAT, SAT, Accuplacer, and ASVAB exams.