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BCMS Super Stars!

As Georgia Milestone Testing rapidly approaches, BCMS students are reminded that they have the skills and knowledge to succeed.
Students and faculty strive daily to prepare and to grow. There is one area they have found to be of the utmost importance is encouragement.
Here is one of the many ways students are encouraged. Smiles gleam down the hallway when they have spotted their name on the Beacon Wall of Super Stars

Blast From The Past

BCES 3rd-grade students took a trip back in time at ABAC's Georgia Museum of Agriculture! The students took part in activities that recreated rural village life from 1870-1910. The hands-on activities included operating a hand press in the print shop, grinding corn to grits, washing clothes on a washboard, experiencing a one-room schoolhouse, and visiting the doctor's office! Our students wore costumes of suspenders, bonnets, and skirts with aprons! They also participated in making a homemade lunch in one of the Village's cabins. Needless to say, these kids had a "blast learning from the past"!

Accurate or Inaccurate Predictions?

At Bacon Primary, Miss Baltimore and Mrs. Todd's PreK class hosted a tasting celebration in honor of Dr. Seuss and his book, Green Eggs and Ham. Students predicted whether or not they would or would NOT like green eggs and ham. Once the taste testing was actively underway, some PreK-ers quickly realized their predictions were quite accurate, while others shared their thoughts through facial expressions. The BC team makes learning so much fun!

Healthcare Diagnoses Using Vital Signs

At BCHS Introduction to Healthcare students have been using what they have learned about vital signs to diagnose their patients in various case studies. They also learned how healthcare professionals use a graph to monitor the trend of patient vital signs.