E-SPLOST Information
“A Penny Well Spent for an Investment in Our Future.”

An Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (E-SPLOST) is a one-cent sales tax on all retail sales in Bacon County. This means that everyone who makes a purchase in Bacon County, including visitors, contributes to the support of local schools. By law, an E-SPLOST can be used only for certain capital projects that support local schools.  Capital projects include such items as facility and building improvements, renovations, upgrades (such as roof improvements, HVAC replacements, etc.) athletic facility upgrades, security upgrades and maintenance, technology for teachers and students, furniture for facilities, playground equipment, bus purchases, etc. 

Such funds cannot be used for the day-to-day operational expenses of a school system such as for teacher salaries, utilities, or consumable supplies. 

Bacon County voters first approved a SPLOST for education in 1998.

The first E-SPLOST was voted on by the citizens in March 1998 and began on July 1, 1998. Our E-SPLOST has been in effect for the past 25 years consecutively. 

The E-SPLOST is not a new or additional tax but an extension of the one-cent tax already being collected on retail sales.

The current sales tax in Bacon County will not increase.

If approved by Bacon County voters, the 1-cent sales tax currently in place for schools would be continued for another five-year period. Sales tax would be collected from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2028

The special election vote will be on March 21, 2023. Early voting will begin on February 27 - March 17. 


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