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Title III & ESOL

 Bacon County ESOL Program is to help ensure the English language development and academic success of English Learners (ELs). 

The ESOL Program aims to work with all teachers at all grade levels and administrators of ELs to provide high-quality instructional programs designed to develop proficiency in English, while meeting challenging State academic content and student academic achievement standards. It is the systems belief that all ELs will succeed and will have equal access to opportunities to achieve academic excellence.

 Title III is a federally-funded program that provides LEAs with funding to supplement those English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) services already in place. Classroom teachers integrate the WIDA English Language Development standards with the CCGPS to enable ELs to both communicate in English and demonstrate their academic, social, and cultural proficiency. To the extent practicable, we use the EL’s home language as a means of facilitating instruction and providing parents with school-related information.


The descriptors provide general education and ESOL teachers with excellent examples of what a student at each proficiency level can be expected to do. The descriptors allow teachers to differentiate instructional tasks to fit the needs of individual students.
ESOL staff reviews all Home Language Surveys (HLS). If the HLS responses to questions 1 - 3 have a language other than English, the students will be screened with the WIDA Screener. Chart 1 shows the process for Pre-K through the end of 1st grade (1st semester). Chart 2 shows the process for 1st grader (2nd Semester) through 12 grade.