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American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act ESSER III

BC LogoBacon County School District seeks stakeholder input for use of these funds. Please give us your comments by using the form below.



As a part of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act ESSER III, Bacon County Schools  received an initial budget of $7,254,912.00 in federal funds.  The school system is required to create and periodically review the plan for spending the federal funds aligned to the allowable use of funds from the state and federal levels. All expenditures within the budget are subject to approval at the local and state levels.  Bacon County Schools tentatively plans to use the ESSER III funds in the following ways:

  • Additional teachers and paraprofessionals to support learning loss.
  • Mental Health Counselors
  • Software Licenses
  • Instructional Supplies for the Classroom
  • Student supplies
  • Technology upgrades: Printers, Sound Amplification Systems, Cameras, Additional ChromeBooks
  • Student Desks (to aid social distancing)
  • Safety Supplies/Custodial Costs for additional services 
  • Cleaning Supplies, Masks, Sanitizers, Air purifiers for classrooms, 
  • Storage Buildings for additional supplies on each campus
  • Replacing some AC units at PS and ES (improve air quality)
  • Air purification systems in existing AC units at all schools (Ionizers)
  • Picnic Tables for outdoor classrooms
  • Summer School Costs 
  • Transportation-- 2 additional buses
  • Outdoor Classrooms