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Voices for Georgia’s Children

 As you know, Voices for Georgia’s Children and Georgia Family Connection Partnershipcollaborated to create PSA-style videos of Georgians sharing the importance of completing the census and being counted. As trusted leaders in the community, we wanted to make sure you had access to a few more of them to share on social media, in newsletters and at events especially with the April 1st date approaching. 
Video Links:

Commissioner Amy Jacobs, DECAL

Erica Fener Sitkoff - Voices for Georgia's Children
Denny Fender & Brian Sirmans

I have also linked fact sheets, maps, stats, print materials and infographics to aid in helping you distribute information to your website, newsletters, personal & professional platforms, social media and at events. 
Other Resources:
Factsheets and Print Materials
Social Media Toolkits