Bacon County Primary School

Educating today's youth, to become tomorrow's leaders

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Mission and Vision Statements

  • Mission of Bacon County Primary School


    The mission of the Bacon County Primary is to provide every child with the opportunity to learn in a supportive and safe environment every day of the school year.


     "Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day"


    Vision of Bacon County Primary School


    Bacon Primary School aims to be:
    A school that offers an irresistible invitation to learning. A school where all learners make outstanding progress. A school that sets no limits on learning. A school where learning is a preparation for life.   


    Bacon County Primary School


    • Every child can learn
    • Excellent teachers are the foundation of quality instruction
    • Every child should be provided a safe and nurturing environment
    • Parental involvement plays a vital role in students’ success
    • Students should develop the understanding that school is a place to expand their academic knowledge and enhance their social skills
    • Teachers and staff are accountable for the quality of work provided to students
    • Every child should have an understanding and access to today’s technology