• A Letter from Bacon County High School Principal, Traci Martin


    Welcome to Bacon County High School! 


    On behalf of our faculty and staff, I want you to know that we are excited about this school year.  This is the year that we will continue to carry out our vision to see all students graduate and graduation for all students.   I feel extremely honored to be working with educators that are dedicated to the education and success of the students at BCHS.  Our mission at Bacon County High School is to ensure that all students engage in opportunities and experiences through collaboration that will provide the rigor, individual support, interventions, and assessments that are the hallmarks of a successful school.  We will do this by working with students and parents to provide high quality academic and co-curricular instruction that ensure quality and academic excellence.  This will be evidenced by meeting and exceeding agreed-upon standards of academic success allowing for post-secondary options including, but not limited to, college and the workforce.  Everything decision that is made at BCHS will always be tied back to our vision/mission.  I am proud to be part of a school that celebrates the successes of our students and looks forward to seeing them achieve great things after their time at BCHS is done.  


    Your BCHS Principal,

    Mrs. Traci Martin