• Tech Fair

    BCSD Technology Fair General Information


    Georgia Technology Fair Overview

    The Georgia Educational Technology Fair (GaETF) is an annual student technology competition produced by the Georgia Educational Technology Consortium. The Consortium sponsors other technology initiatives in Georgia, including the Georgia Educational Technology Conference (GaETC). The GaETF is the highest level of student technology competition in Georgia with over 750 projects, representing the work of 1000+ students, which are judged at the competition each March.



    There will be 13 categories available for students to enter.  Students will only be able to enter one category for the 2020-2021 competition.  For a list of categories, please click here.

    Projects are to be designed and created by students. Some adult guidance is allowed, but it must be clear that all work entered by students was completed by the students.

    Regardless of the length of the project, the judge time is 15 minutes. Judges may only view a portion of the actual project.



    Students in Grades 3-12 will be able to enter the competition.  Grade groupings are as follows.

    3rd/4th Grades

    5th/6th Grades

    7th/8th Grades

    9th/10th Grades

    11th/12th Grades


    Students may work in teams of 2 or alone.  If you have 2 team members, you must compete in the higher grade of the 2 participants.

    A document will be filled out by students which will answer a few questions for the judges and will cite non-student produced material used in the project.


    Important Dates

    November 17, 2020:       Deadline to enter the BCSD Student Technology Fair.
    November 20, 2020:       Deadline to turn in Parent Consent Forms. 
    February 5, 2021:           Deadline for all projects to be completed.
    February 8-12, 2021:        Judging will be held at inidivudal schools. 
    March 1-7, 2021:             Student submission window for Region Competition. 
    March 8-14, 2021:            Judging takes place.
    March 22, 2021:               Region Competiton results.
    April 25 - May 1, 2021:   Student submission window for State Competition.
    May 4 - 9, 2021:               State judging takes place.
    May 14, 2021:                  State Competition results.